Hey there from Florida.

Ive been here since Monday night, after a weekend in the Baltimore/Washington area, and it’s all been very good for me. Its always nice to see people that I care about and who reciprocate those feelings, even if it is bittersweet saying goodbye to them for a while. If I’ve learned one thing, though, its that things never turn out the way I think they will, and its very likely that I’ll be seeing at least someone again sooner than I think.

That said, I got a little pink yesterday at the pool, and today put on lotion to try to retain a little of the color so I don’t look like such a pasty-white easterner when I finally get out west. I’m so vain. I *definitely* think this song is about me. Isn’t it?

Tomorrow, I’m off towards Houston. I’ll probably get about 10-12 hours in because I think Ill get a later start than I’m used to, given that I’m leaving my grandparents place and I don’t really want to leave super-early from here. You see, I don’t mind treating my friends like their places are hotels, but I just cant do that to my grandparents. It wouldn’t seem right, you know?

More notes about going from here to Houston in the Read More link. If you don’t like to read about me speeding a lot, don’t read it.

As always, click the title since there’s
no READ MORE links anymore.Also, I’m AMAZED that the mapquest
link still works after 12.5 years. Go them.
…MO 2016_1114

Mapquest says its about 1123.69 miles from here to Houston. That’s kind of a hike. They only figure on 18+ hours, though. That’s good. I bet I’ll cut that down by just a little bit–but not much–as I don’t think they include stops for gas every 380 miles that I make. My average speed to get here from DC was 78.5 mph over the whole thing, including gas stops, so if I make that average for the thing, Ill be there in 14+, which is much more palatable. Of course, averaging 78ish is a feat that I doubt I can replicate tomorrow.

Well just have to see. Ill probably update about this tomorrow or Friday, depending on connectivity.