Okay. Now that youre all here, Ill make a general announcement or two.

  • First, Forums are back up. Hie thee hence and chat. Its been a nice hiatus, but now were back in action.
  • Second, Ive de-activated user submissions. I didnt get any, and I dont figure fracturing the update potential of my tongue-tied gang is such a good idea. Chalk it up to an idea whose time has not yet come.
  • Journals are gone too. Itd been more than a year since they were last updated. The content remains, however, so if wed like them in the future, we can pick up where we left off. I may continue (or start again, more properly) my silly serial project, but keeping all the journals active just for that seems somewhat like a waste.
  • Site Stats have carried over, although April is going to reflect the split from when I last updated the database and moved it over here. Im going to try to drive up traffic some once Im settled, and to that end, I might post occasional updates about it. I have new statistical analysis tools available to me, so maybe I can post a pretty graph occasionally.

    Thats it for now, methinks. Ill try to write a real-life update later in the day about packing, where Im headed, how Ive liked where Ive been, etc., etc., etc. Im sure youre all waiting with bated breath for that one. I know I would be. mini-preview: if you live in the DC metro area, plan to see me in the near future.