Here I am, writing from the Hostel in Madrid, just having started my trip, really, amid some political turmoil in this country. I was in London when it happened, wandering up the Thames river walkway.

I can’t find any of the special keys on this machine because I am poorly trained on European keyboards, so any uncorrected spelling errors or errors in punctuation will have to be forgiven. It’s also wreaking havoc on my HTML. Whatever, I’m in frickin’ Spain, afterall.

Okay, so the flight to London was long and squished, but fine, and then I carried my big-ass bag all over London while I waited for it to be okay to visit Janice so I could drop it off. She graciously offered me a place to sleep (which I used), and then I got up at 2:45am to get my Flight at 6 or so (which was massively delayed, incidentally, by the snow and ice on the plane and runway). Now in Madrid, it´s raining and promises to be doing so all weekend, so I´ll just make the best of the town, immediately post-bombing and in the rain.

From here, it’s Barcelona, then Rome, then Northern Italy (I still have yet to call my friend there, though), then on to Paris, and from there, through the French countryside to, hopefully, a Western-England landing before heading back to London for a few days. That’s my itinerary, for the curious.

Since I’m paying by the hour here, I’m going to go finish reading e-mail. If I owe you mail, I’ll try to reply or at least reply by way of an answer in this post.

They speak Spanish here.
Just FYI.