For the record, Im sad to be leaving NYC. There are a lot of things, a lot of people, that Im going to miss. I was just noticing this as I packed tonight – I was sad looking at all the stuff that reminded me of being here, of all the things Ive acquired or modified to fit my New York lifestyle, everything now all packed up and put away. Im shutting down my computer tomorrow for more than a month – probably three months, and, even though its not a machine Ive come to care much about (that one died horribly a few months ago), its still a meaningful symbol of where my life is headed.

Last time my life was headed this way, I ended up with a lot of stories, not all of them good. I hope this time is better.

Anyway, i should go to sleep, as Im picking up a van at 8 tomorrow (this) morning. Thats soon. Yeesh.