Okay, so I took the train from Madrid to Barcelona this afternoon. It was a pretty nice ride, too. Except for the babies (four of them) screaming constantly for the second half of the ride and the unending pain in my knee, that is.

My knee has become a constant source of irritation to me because it’s always hurting. I dread walking around, even, because going down stairs hurts so much I’ve taken to limping down them like a gimp with the help of the railing. True to form, too, it’s not swollen, discolored or visible in any way, but ti hurts to the touch on the outside and hurts to move or be moved in any way. really dumb. I may spend the day on the beach tomorrow, despite any chilly weather or clouds, in the hope that it’ll friggin’ heal already. I’m taking Asprin, but it’s not helping at all, really.

Ignoring that, Barcelona seems like a more fun city than Madrid, although Madrid was nice. The Spaniards live very late lifestyles (everyone is out till all hours of the morning all the time, it seems–we’ll see how it goes tonight). I like it here so far, although my experience has been a shower and a hobble to the pharmacia to buy more asprin. It’s very vibrant.

If I owe you e-mail, I’ll write later or tomorrow, depending on whether there’s anything going on tonight. I like to go out and meet the folks on the first night somewhere. Although here it seems like way more americans than in my last place.

In summation, I’m well, psyched to be here, eating tasty treats (and spending too much money on it) and doing interesting things (I saw Flamenco of different styles during the last 2 nights, for example). My knee is an inconvenience that’ll heal.
Unless it´s a tumor, but we all know what Arnold says to that.
More later.