As I look at the calendar taped to my sadly-inactive left-hand monitor, I realize that this last weekend was my last full weekend at home before the Great Move of 2004. This feeling is augmented by the fact that my roommates have moved things out of their room in anticipation of todays move, and my living room is full of boxed-up belongings and empty furniture. Looking at it all makes me a little nervous for how much stuff I have – I cant imagine trying to get control of all of it before the end of the month. Especially not since Im trying to make some money in the process. Yeesh.

That said, skiing on Friday was awesome – the powder was pretty good, the slopes were all open, there was perfect weather. If Belleayre had night skiing, it would have been perfect. Speaking of which, I found a great backpack at an amazing price (it was on sale) that was missing its top piece, otherwise, I would have bought it. Looking at the packs there, I realized just how restrictive my old pack is and how much more easily Id be able to pack what I need in a newer pack. I even admitted to the merits of an internal frame, although Im not sold on the idea that a bigger external wouldnt be ideal. Whatever – it was fun to look. Now, where can I get a pack that I can afford? Time to shop online.