Camera: DCS660C Serial #: K660C-01294 Width: 2008 Height: 3040 Date: 11/11/03 Time: 15:33:47 DCS6XX Image FW Ver: 3.2.3 TIFF Image Look: Product Sharpening Requested:Yes (Preferences) Counter: [32659] Shutter: 1/200 Aperture: f18 ISO Speed: 100 Max Aperture: f4.0 Min Aperture: f25 Focal Length: 48 Exposure Mode: Manual (M) Meter Mode: Center Weighted Drive Mode: Single Focus Mode: Manual (AF-M) Focus Point: Bottom Flash Mode: Normal Sync Compensation: +0.0 Flash Compensation: +0.0 Self Timer Time: 10s White balance: Preset (Flash) Time: 15:33:47.549

So yesterday, I took another step towards my trip. I purchased a replacement for my trusty (but ratty) blue frame pack. The new one (the Rockies II by Jansport) takes into account all the modern conveniences that have become standard in backpacking in the last 15 years since I was given my current frame pack as a gift. The top section zips off and becomes a daypack, the main compartment is big enough that I could pack my sister inside and no one would ever know. The hip belt defines luxury compared to the spare 1.5 inch strap on my current bag and it even has pockets! Overall, it has 2x the cubic inch capacity of my old bag, and I used to manage pretty well with that thing. At the moment, I feel like I can pack anything I want and everything Ill need for my trip just in the main section, but ask me again in 2 weeks when I’m going through my moving mess, trying to put together everything I’ll need. I bet I’m a wreck then.