That’s right. Good for you, standing up for your students disappearing rights (4th amendment, anyone?) and telling the RIAA that their subpoenas are illegal and invasive. It’s about time someone did.

This really wants to be a huge rant about how the RIAA and their old-world, price-fixing, intimidation-tactic, student-frightening bullshit has no place in decent modern society, but I think I should keep it short out of respect for anyone unfortunate enough to read this site. This really should be a rant about the lawmakers who are all, to a man, in the pockets of the entertainment industry that’s more interested in preserving the status quo than listening to the market and providing a service that everyone wants. It should be about how I wish plague not only on them but on everyone they care about just so that they get the message that what they’re doing is wrong.

This should even be a rant against the entertainment industry, whose fear of being supplanted has grown in scope to match another historical debacle where the establishment thought it was losing control of society. If you don’t see the parallels to the Catholic Church and its inquisition, then you should look again. These are the people that I hope to become, and all I can hope is that my generation will oust the troglodytes like Jack Vilenti and all of his purchased politicians.

Fricken nonsense. Bring me your warrant to eavesdrop on my communications. Its retarded that internet communications aren’t afforded the same privacy measures as phone conversations or personal mail. But no, instead of proving a crime and getting a judge to issue a wiretap permit or whatever you need, someone can just hysterically point at me and scream “DCMA!” and then basically threaten me and take my lifes savings.

Whatever. “The more you tighten your fingers, RIAA, the more computer systems will slip through your grasp.”

I have interesting stories about driving Natasha around town today, but Ill talk about them later. I was just in the mood to vent. I think the fighting spirit is good. Now all I gotta do is apply that to my impossible business plan. **sigh** What? Wind? There’s no wind in my sails. That was just an illusion.

Oh, for further reading (and people smarter than I am with similar views), check out the slashdot article.