Last nights barbecue was an unexpected hit. We had tons of food (I hope no one went home hungry), plenty of beverages, and everyone there was super-cool. So thanks, everybody, for coming all the way out to Bay Ridge.

Earlier in the day there was some frisbee, which was a lot of fun and made me miss my dad, and some ill-fated volleyball, which was fun because Meghan and I havent peppered in years. Neat.

Thing about frisbee is that my dad taught me, and when he was teaching me, he forgot that I wasnt left-handed, so he taught me to throw left handed. Its the only thing that, to this day, I can do absolutely ambidextrously. Its weird. I like it.

No work today–at least no movie work. I have to do a couple of hours of SS stuff, and go help format a PC or two at Megans house and I want to open a bank account, so Ill be busy, even if Im not at work. And I want to see Bad Boys. And I want to go to bed early. Its a lot to do in one day off that may well be my only day for like 12 days. THATs not something Im looking forward to, although the money isnt a bad thing to have.

Anyway, its hard to get past the disappointment of losing Hope & Faith to some ABC-specified provider, whose machines are crappier, older and more expensive and whose rental is a lot less than the 100% of business that it would be for me. I guess it would have just been a lot easier with a cash-cow like a TV show to start things off with. Nothings changed, really, I just have to keep my shit together.