I wonder how many times Ive used that subjet line. I bet quite a few. Its weird, because while a lot has been happening in the last few days, nothing really worth noting has happened, with one exception.

JVS booked its first major sale job with Hope & Faith.

Yes, you read that right–Hope & Faith bought computers from my fledgling company. I delivered, even, and everything is working at the moment. Its very cool, if you ask me. The moneys not as good, but its not so terrible. I have no contract with them yet, but Im going to write one up in the next few days, and I think Ill be getting paid real soon.

I had my ass saved twice yesterday by my friends, which boosts my morale immensely, too.

First, Megan offered to pick up the monitors that I was planning to get when my work schedule was ruthlessly changed after plans were made with H&F. Without her, there would be no JVS.

Second, Scott & Sharon came and helped me set up the machines and definitely cut my time there in half. Formatting and installing 12 machines is a formidable task, and one that requires a lot of time. They helped make my life livable today.

Scott & Sharon are up visiting today, incidentally–they came up for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary, which is really cool. Im psyched for that, because I havent hung out with them in years for more than about 10 minutes. Of course, I sit at work while I write this, which is a travesty on such a nice day, but such is life.

The Suzuki incident actually happened, too, which I find amazing. Its something that Ill explain in a little more detail another time, when Im less tired and less scatterbrained. Its a good thing, though. I like good things.

So, the scorecard for this week is amazingly positive. The hate meter has been low (this is a new invention that I think I need to implement in a box somewhere on my site. It could be a reflection of my idea of how much hate is directed towards me at any given time.), which lowers stress. The “other jobs” rating has been high, since Ive been working pretty well on the feedback tickets as well as the regular tickets, and the JVS thing throws in a 100% boost in goodness, too. Then theres the Scott & Sharon thing, also great. The only major downer this past week was Katies grandfathers passing, and her sadness about it. Also, Katies illness hasnt been so hot.

Someday, thingsll calm down enough to meet with Dave (HA! Like thatll ever happen), and well decide if were making this movie or not. I want to, because I like making movies. Well see what happens.

And Ill update on the Suzuki Incident and the rest of my various and sundry weekend plans later. Thanks for reading.