And that time is the time to pack up and head home. In some ways I feel like Ive been gone forever, but in others, I feel like theres so much more to do. Id like to continue driving up the coast, jaunting in occasionally for an event or an area. Id like to get back to Napa and to Sonoma for the first time, because it was so cool just to see the vinyards, and now Id like to see the casks and such. Id like to be less hungry when I do it, but thats not really pertinent now.

Anyway, its been a great trip, and I guess Ive gotta really buckle down when I get home–its time to work. Fortunately, I have a job interview (weird, but nice) that will probably work me Saturdays (damn low-budget flicks) if I get the gig, but still. Itll be work. Low-paying work, but work nonetheless.

For now, thats enough to say. Ive gotta repack and get everything in some sort of useful order for my travels. I know I didnt post pictures, but I did take some (not a lot, but some), and Ill post a selection when I get home. My digital camera ran out of juice at just the wrong time, unfortunately.

Anyway, NYC, Ill see you soon. 12 hours, actually. Cool.