So I waited all weekend to make sure that there were no pertinent bits that I was missing, and I think i only managed to forget things. On Friday, we ran around all morning and then we flew home. Late at night (1am), we rolled into the house and fell right to sleep in the humid-ass apartment.

And that was the end of our trip.

It was a really good trip. Seeing Steve, Tijuana, Disneyland, Universal, The PCH, Alcatraz, having a convertible–those were the highlights for me, although there were many smaller highlights, too, such as seeing Kieran and Lauren, staying in the hostel (which is for sale and that I really want to buy), seeing the Hulk in California, swimming finally, seeing the seals in SD and the sea lions in SF–just tons of stuff made the trip memorable and a lot of fun.

I also got a job while I was away (serendipity is such an elusive young woman), and I start that in just a few hours. I slept terribly after about 3am, though, so I think Ill probably look like an idiot on my first day, which is never good. Now Im off to do SS tix so I can afford to fix my motorcycle. Doesnt that sound like fun? Yay for having two jobs.