Can I just tell you how much I hate the way some people try to avoid spam? Its ridiculous the hoops that these assholes expect you to jump through just so you can have the honor of sending them e-mail. “Hi, Im protecting myself from spam, please mail me a photo of your wife naked, running down Hollywood Blvd. carrying a paintbrush, then go to this link and type in your annual salary divided by the number of teeth you have. Then I might deign to read your e-mail.”

Fuck that, man. Dont want spam? Dont sign up for every idiot-trap on the planet, first of all. Second, use a real e-mail solution that has a user-controlled rating system, or at least something that you can set up yourself. Jesus.

I mean, I hate spam as much as pretty much any geek, but please, to insult someone that YOU WROTE TO IN THE FIRST PLACE by making them jump through hoops to have the privilege to help you with your goddamn moronic problem is just insane. Talk about a solution thats way stupider than the problem – next well be voting away our civil rights because were all shit-scared that someone might take a swipe at our fragile image of a perfect world….

Oh, wait. I dont know why Im feeling so vociferous at the moment, but damn, people just piss me off sometimes with their assanine ideas.