So finally, we get some sun. And what sun it is–80, no humidity, gorgeous. The sun broke out as we travelled north on Sunday, and hasnt quit yet. Even the nights have been sunny.

That was a lie. But it HAS been nice. The abridged version is that we went to wine country (Napa) yesterday, down to Fishermans Wharf today, were returning the car tomorrow, and then well have pretty much the whole day to hang out here by the pool. Thatll help me even out my sunburn, I hope, so I can have an even layer of huge, festering bilsters when I get back to NYC. No reason to do things halfway, I always say.

This has been the abridged version, but Im tired and I really should be doing more SS tix. But Ive managed about 100 tonight, and thats enough for the time being. Anyway, thanks for reading.