So Thursday was all about touring LA – we saw Santa Monica, Burbank, some studios (although we didnt tour), the Hollywood hills, Beverly Hills, etc, etc, etc. We discovered that Planet Hollywood in Hollywood is closed (stupid Planet Hollywood), and that its tough to just drive to the Hollywood sign.

Yesterday, though, we braved the clouds and the chill and Walts experiment in controlling the world. It was amazing and terrible, like Gods wrath. It was both tiny and vast, easy to walk across, but packed with enough stuff to make two-days visits worth of 15-hour days. Next time, Ill definitely give it more time.

But it was fun, anyway.

Last night, we caught up with Lauren and her friends as we went out in LA for the first time ever. It was fun, but very weird, because there were subtle differences from being in NYC that are hard to put your finger on. Im not sure that I could get used to it, but as a business trick, Im sure Id have to try.

Today is a trip to Universal for sure and probably a run up the hills again, and maybe a quick visit to La Brea. Probably also some laundry. Today is also my one-year anniversary of being with Katie, so we have quite a bit to celebrate. Congratulate her on putting up with me for so long. Katie has been the biggest factor in making a year that could have been very bad for me very good for me instead. Ive had a great time so far, and I look forward to more great times in the future.

Okay, thats about as mushy as Im going to get at 8am on a Saturday. Tomorrow morning we get up early and head up the Pacific Coast Highway, hoping to get a head start on all the traffic that LA can produce. Wed also like to get to SF before the end of time, so well see how it goes. An update from the road is unlikely, although not impossible, so well see what happens.