So I finally got pictures together and scanned for Darryl and Steph’s wedding. Well, halfway, anyway. I haven’t put my set away, nor the negatives, but I have created a little album for D&S as sort of a late-added wedding present.

Mostly, the pictures came out like crap, but the subjects of the pictures were so happy and looked so great that it just didn’t matter.

In other news, I spun my wheels all weekend, but today was productive (at least a little). I saw Kara for lunch, which is always a treat, put the Switcher back up in the office (allowing me to move my wireless router into a better position again, finally) and managed to get the used laser printer running in the office. Add to that a few dozen SS tickets and the book for D&S and you have a pretty good afternoon. (I spent the morning in the city troubleshooting Manhattan Wardrobe Supply’s internal network, waging the constant battle against this stupid virus that I’ve been unable to eliminate.

Otherwise, its been a quiet day, with Cathy stopping by for awhile and Katie working on her project or studying all afternoon. Tomorrow has to be productive, too, though, if I ever intend to come out of this project hole that Ive been digging for myself. I have to begin to refocus some efforts, I think, onto things that are going to get me making some money and making some movies.