So, thanks to Katie for putting me onto a job yesterday that turned out to be pretty easy and straightforward, complete with cool crew-folk and an “Ive heard of that” client. I was on a commercial for “Selectiones,” the Spanish version of Readers Digest. That was cool because it helps to cement my rate and gave me some more contacts in the biz. They may not be full-time contacts, but theyre great to have for the times when theres no full-time work.

I have everything but the definitive cost ready to send to the state of Delaware for Incorporation, and thats a good thing. I have an e-mail in to them asking for clarification on the matter, and I think that within a couple of days, Ill have a response. Ive figured out how to create invoices in QuickBooks, but dont know how to go about doing rentals and stuff, and I think there might just not be a good tool within the program to help track inventory. I wonder what Ill do about that. I should read about whether its extensible so that I can conceivably create my own rules within the program.

Id very much like to get my house server back up and running so that when the laser printer comes home to roost I can take full advantage of it right away, but its proving to be a harder enterprise than I originally thought. Im now working on my old P2-450 and there are already problems. Thats not good. I wonder if I could get a cheap motherboard with a processor upgrade for my workstation and use the new Mobo in the server, the new proc in the workstation, and bump the 900 to the eBox and the 750d to the server. Then Id have something, thats for sure. Of course, I dont know if I have a power supply capable of running it…..

Damnit. Pricewatch here I come. I dont need those new shoes that much, right?

Lots to look forward to in the near future, and lots to do, so Im off to do some of it.