Its just about time to go off to watch a ballgame, but until its done, I think I have to clean the house that I live in so recklessly. This place is more of a mess than I can even describe, and I still, after all these months, havent succeeded in coming up with a place for things. Its a little bit disheartening.

Anyway, I want it to be nice for baseball this afternoon (the Mets play the Phillies), but I somehow doubt that the sun is going to shine too much. I hear we have really good seats, though. Thats cool.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and I dont have any cool plans for it, so I think itll end up being a busy jumble of running around and trying to get things done. Yesterday, I had a relatively productive, if slow-coming, day of writing the new stupid investment plan. I hadnt realized how much it was all going to have to change. I ended up rewriting the whole thing, which surprised me. Its not done, of course, because I never finish anything, but Im trying to get a lot of the JV Systems stuff accomplished by the end of the week. Anyone feel like designing a website? Man, I sure dont. I might have to spend the weekend doing that, though, which would be lame.