Can you tell we got into production this week? Its been nuts, but our shoot was last night, and it seemed to go off without a hitch. We were lucky. Katie and Amy made it into the audience (which, by the way, was LOADED with damn VIPs), and said that it was only mediocre. That makes me nervous, because everyone else who seemed to think it was great and had a better-than-average shot at getting picked up was somehow related to the show and wants it to get a season or five, so our hope might be clouding our judgement.

Anyway, HOPE & FAITH is about all thats been happening in my life in the past four days, so, while I apologize for not updating, you should be glad because youd be bored with constant anecdotes and crap from my life.

Now to harp on that other subject that Ive grown so fond of – Im worrisomely far behind on SS tickets, so Im off to go do those.