So Darryl Martin is officially married. Saturday afternoon, he and his new bride had a beautifully simple ceremony and an elegant reception for family and close friends. Even the weather cooperated mostly, through pictures and the like, chiming in with a fantastic couple of thunderclaps at the beginning and teh ending of the ceremony. Darryls really in love with Steph–you can see it in his eyes. It actually did me a lot of good to see an old friend so happy, I feel, in a lot of ways, more peaceful somehow now than I did when the weekend was beginning.

Then there was the drive back. 12 hours, all told, including a nice stop in DC for lunch with Cathy. Then we crawled pretty much from there. It took forever to get out of DC (although we didnt get lost, I know there are 100 better ways to go than we did, but we played it safe), dropping Becca was quick almost to the point of being rude (sorry, Becca!), and from there, I thought I might die at any point. As much as I love driving, I cant abide crawling up the highway for hours at under 20 MPH. Its one of the activities I hate most.

Katie helped me by reading quite a bit to me from her old copy of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and that really made the time go faster, but even with the soothing effects of being read to, I thought I might start killing random strangers to vent frusteration and to at least give us a reason for the backup.

I managed to come back from Virginia without a ticket or a car wreck, though, and thats really good news.

I also had the gppd fortune of seeing Scott and Sharon for an abbreviated night out on the town in the rain. We missed Kurt and Steve, unfortunately, because I didnt give Kurt enough warning. Thats what I get for trying to organize a meeting on my message boards. I forget that even public boards get lost in obscurity.

Anyway, I have to sleep so I can make it through work tomorrow without passing out, and so I dont slam my head down on the keyboard when the narcoleptic impulse takes over. Im damn close to asleep right now.

HOPE & FAITH shoots on Wednesday. Wish us luck.