Where the hell does the time go? Im trying hard to get everything in some kind of order in the place and–WOOSH!–its four days later. Man. I feel like quite a bit has happened, even though it really hasnt.

I finally met up with my mom and Lee in the city, albeit too late to enjoy a mean together, but it was fun anyway. Then they came down the following morning and saw the new place (which youve all seen through my mediocre pictures). I worked a lot on getting my network running, spent all of friday night (like three and a half hours) getting DHCP, DNS and RRAS running on my Win2k box just so it would work as well as ICS was working four whole hours ago. And it turns out that all that was rather for nothing because Win2k doesnt allow for Port Range forwarding.


So today I run into the city to meet with Kevin about his website and possibly get some impressions from him about his upcoming project (although Im beginning to think its already happening without me involved). Im going to come back here and make time for phone calls and bills writing (because otherwise Im going to get kicked straight out of here) and maybe Ill even activate a landline to the house. Well have to see about that one.

Mostly, its all about getting some more paying gigs at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around and Ill get better about updating (and writing in general) again as I settle into the new place).