So there it is, finally, my apartment.

Ive only been here about a month and Im just now getting good pictures. Its dumb because I ruined a whole roll of film shooting on the wrong speed when I first got my keys and there was nothing here. Those would have been good pictures.

Even though its snowing again today, there is a lot to do, so I’m on my way out to start it all. I’m going to finish moving a few last things out of 82nd Street, make a call about a phone line or two in this apartment, and go down to Century 21 on 86th to try to get cut-rate blinds. Well see if all that happens in the snow.

Biz plan work yesterday was completed, and I’m supposed to chat with Megan and Leah sometime today about designing the mailings. Id like to get those out next weekend, but well have to see what happens.

Oh, and click on the above floor plan to see the rest of the pictures.

Pictures finally restored – click the post title to see them
after the break.
…MO 2016_1114