Today I got my wireless connection finally working. Its wonderful. Im excited about it, in fact. Now I have an 8-port 10/100 switch and a 4-port 10/100 switch with a wireless access point included running from my Windows2000 server. Thats cool stuff. All I need is to build a Red Hat server to replace my Win2k box and Ill be a happy boy. Id like to learn port forwarding so I can put a web server on a different machine from the one Im on now and Ill be pretty happy. The Red Hat box in my room (the one that Ive been working on this week) is working, but I can only get one NIC running at once. Its pretty weak. Maybe I need to uninstall/reinstall with both NICs in and be able to choose which NIC gets which service. What I really need is a Red Hat book. Or someone to talk me through the correct installation and configuration of a server. Maybe Ill put my ad on Craigs List for a linux geek who wants to help a wannabe geek.

Also today is my moms birthday. Happy Birthday, mom. Im sorry I didnt have anything waiting for you in the house this afternoon–Im a bad son. But Ill be heading down there on Saturday, so maybe you, me, Lee and Katie can all go to dinner and a flick.

I was looking back at the updates I used to write on this site–its interesting thinking about all the changes the site and my life have been through over the years. I write very differently now, I think, largely because I think that occasionally, someone reads what I write. theres a difference in my mind between the idea that someone could read my stuff and the idea that someone does. Its cool to be able to get feedback, too. The board included with this kind of website is really handy and really very powerful, too, which I like a lot. Back in the Geocities days I did everything by hand, copy/pasted a lot, and guessed at colors. Ive worked with static pages and dreamweaver for a long time, too–those days were fun and less daunting than the current ones, these where I need to know PHP scripting and everything is dependent on everything else. Its weird, I tell you.

The world is changing, charlie, its changing every day. What I really should do tonight is write something.