So today is the day that we Megan and I put the finishing touches on the Joint Venture Systems busines plan. Were meeting after Katie finishes up at school to try to ifgure out a way to end this thing. Also up today at the meeting is figuring out what needs to go in the pitch proposals and putting that stuff down on paper.

Also in the news is the recently-broken story that I am, indeed looking to move. Its still a little premature because I dont have the new place yet, but life goes on. Anyway, Mike is currently trolling for roommate possibilities, and I will do the same soon, I guess, although Im not moving very far. Its been 3 years since I moved anywhere and I think Im long overdue for some motion in my life. Maybe this will even complicate things enough so that business stuff will happen, too. Well see.

It always seems that things happen in my life in sucha way as to provide maximum entropy in an already-chaotic system. Its an interesting phenomenon because I always feel like as I toss one ball into the ai, three come down. When I let them all drop, Im back to my original nothing. If I can manage the three, thats good. If I cant, then I go back to having, and doing nothing. Motion in a complex system was never my forte, anyway.

Im off to meet with Jon the SurfSecret guy about a new product that hes just released. This product rips DVDs to VCDs with the touch of a button. I anticipate tons of pirating questions flooding the support inbox–“how do I copy my brothers DVD?” etc. This is a headache in the making.