even though I sit here a lot of the day and answer trouble tickets, I never write anything. I think Im too tired from answering e-mails that all look like “It doesnt work–help me or Ill sue.” to write anything interesting. And interesting things are happening, to be sure–Im all ready to talk and talk. Nows just a quickie, though, because Ive got a lot to do.

Katie and I did go down to visit my mom yesterday and we took her to dinner and a movie (HOW TO LOSE A GUY… of course) for her bithday celebration. Im glad birthday isnt spelled berthday–thatd be weird. Anyway, Lee is up for a few days, which is cool, too. IT was good to see the both of them.

Now Im off to do things (like shower) that I must do before i start my day. Until next time, keep cool.