Yesterdays work was fine–easy enough, although there was a switch in the beta deck that i couldnt find and thus couldnt figure out how to switch the monitor to source rather than tape but thats a problem in the past. Katie and I both got paid for yesterday and thats what counts. We also did our jobs well.

Today, I have to go to New Jersey.


Ill be assisting in the interviews of women, apparently, on their way out of drug stores. It should be a blast. The good thing about today is that I should be able to get some time in on a Betacam, which is a camera Ive never used before, so Im looking forward to that.

I think, rather than being smart with my money, Im going to go skiing sometime soon. I havent gotten to ski in like 2 or 3 years and its about time I did, so off I go. Maybe. Well see.

Its exciting to have a weekend that matters for once, actually–it means that Im off my butt–if only for a little while. The big question is whether or not HBO is going to come through. Well have to see.