So it turns out that todays job can be done by two people, and that I should be that other person. That nobody knew that until very late last night is typical of the indecisiveness in the films industry and I love that. The only thing Id like to add would be my name to more peoples “must call” list. Im itching to work regular again, and maybe today will be some help for that. Ive been talking with Megan about the office-networking thing some more and it excites me to be able to do that, so maybe today is another step towards that goal.
Networking, as a small-time thing, is a perfect way to balance my tech-mindedness with my desire to continue working on film. I think it would help me get in the door of a lot more offices, anyway, and Id get to meet some people. As long as I dont fuck it all up…..

So today Katie and I are off to dump scenes of weddings from some formats to other formats, and thats all I know. Ill keep you all updated. It could be a disaster, but it might just work.