Its an old-fashioned exploitation movie, starring Katie and Rebecca, the genius actors behind The Pillowman Cometh from last weekend. This movie is much more complex and indeed almost reaches the limit of the shoot/edit/deliver constraints I’m trying to maintain. As is, I’m a little behind on this one, but enjoy watching this flick anyway.

Again, if you’re using Netscape, you may not be able to play the file right from your browser. Go ahead and click Read more… to get a list of downloadable files for you to grab to your hard disk.

I’m back to work tomorrow, shooting something corporate in midtown, so well see how it goes. Getting enough sleep tonight is paramount, I think, because Ive been tired too much recently. Now I’m off to move Katie’s car.

This one exists but I’m limiting its release
to protect the innocent.
Also, I *love* reading about Netscape in these old updates.
…MO 2016_1114