Hey everybody! Check out the movie that we made today–The Pillowman Cometh! Katie, Rebecca and myself teamed up to make this opus, using couches and blankets to create a totally-convincing old-school fort, hours of swordsmanship training to re-create vividly-lifelike fight sequences and the industry’s best writers to polish the snappy and masterfully-delivered dialogue.

Below is a low-quality (but still gripping) version of our afternoons distraction. Please note the brilliant loop job done right here in our Bay Ridge studio, as well as the truly-modern editing work. Weighing in at two minutes, this piece won’t even tax your patience to download and watch.

This movie was *terrible* but it was fun to make.
It also seems to be gone from the world, sadly.
MO 2016_1114

If you’re using Netscape, you may not be able to play the file right from your browser (some versions are incompatible with this .wmv hack, it seems). I apologize for that and will look into streaming other formats in the future, because I want to encourage the use of alternative browsers as much as I can. If you cant play it from here, click Read more… to get a list of downloadable files for you to grab to your hard disk.

Or, for the slightly more technically-adept, download the larger (36.6 meg) divx version. Its much better quality, and for a movie of this caliber, you need quality.’

Try this link for the small Windows Media version.

Try this link for the larger divx version.

If you want more formats, please let me know. also, let me know about problems and things that you encounter on my board. For this movie, I tried to enable comments here, but for some reason, it didn’t work. Sorry about that. But please don’t hesitate to go to the board and comment–the cast and crew are interested in your thoughts.