Although I didnt leave the apartment today, I did have a productive day, sending a few more queries here and there to try to get some work for the interim time between now and when my gig finally starts (latest intel says maybe February?). Its about time I worked and Im expanding my search accordingly. I also began the process of reading about investor contracts and building my investment plan to try to make myself more attractive to potential investors when the time finally comes to make ORAL PLEASURES a reality. Now that its dinner time, Im going to sit down and take tons of stream-of-consciousness notes about my plan to offer networking and computers to startup productions in the city. I have to figure out just what all that will entail. Megan is helping me out here, so thisll be a bonus. But I have to figure out how best to price out PCs, including OS, for rental and installation. While Im doing this, the 4-hour epic version of LOTR will be on in the background–giving me plenty of audiovisual stimulus.

The only other thing floating around is the idea that real estate is too expensive in NYC and that I cant afford any of it. Thats sucky because Im kinda itching to move out of my current, stagnant living quarters and find a new one for a little while. Well see what happens. Ill keep you updated.