AS if my updates werent filled with enough irrelevant minutia–its important to me to mention that I got cable for my intenet access to replace my telocity/directvdsl connection that went out of business on friday the 13th of december. So Im back on cable for the first time since forever and I really like it. I havent tried downloading anything yet, though, bcause Ive been too damned busy with my OTHER problem–

my server went down. Finally, after continuous usage since 1996, my old machine finally crapped out on me. It went off one day and wouldnt come back on. So now I attempt to get the something working with my last working P233 before I give up and buy an old P2 pr P3 motherboard off eBay to replace the whole thing with. If any of you have an old computer sitting around and youre wondering what to do with it–let me know–I have lots of outdated computer parts to trade or donate.

My recent computer misfortune has prompted me to clean out my underbed graveyard (remniscent of the graveyard at the house but not nearly as cool) and to throw away things that I know for sure Ill never use. I mean, who needs 25 old IDE cables? Man.

Anyway, thats all for now. Unless I decide to do the foolish workstation upgrade that Ive been planning… I mean, a temporary upgrade from 900 to 1.4 would be nice… then i could move the 900 down to the eBox and the 750 in there to my server……………….