I need another icon. A random shit icon. or a travel updates icon or something. Hmm. thoughts are appreciated.

Anyway, I got here safely and quickly, arriving before noon today, even, which rules. Drew took me down to Rice, we grabbed some lunch and I even got a driving tour of the area. Were chilling out (and Drews replying to a relativity-based question on the boards at the moment) before venturing out to get some dinner and maybe even imbibe a little. Well discuss plans for the remainder of the time Im to spend here over dinner, I expect. and oh, what plans they shall be!

I owe e-mails and i have writing to do, so when theres time, Ill try to do that while im here, as well as catching up on the reading that ive wanted to do forever and a day. well see what happens. Anyway, thats the update for now.