Miles driven: 1,333

hours driven: 17.5

Stops (including this one): 5

Average miles per tank (over 4 hops): 333.25

CDs heard: 16

So there we stand. Im in Lafayette, Louisiana at the moment, in a motel 6 that cost me $33 for the approximately 8 hours Ill be here. I will, however, get to Houston at a good hour tomorrow in what will hopefully be just under 24 total hours. I know youre all excited for me. I took some notes on my trip, too, so i dont forget the good ideas that I had on my long solitary drive. Maybe Ill have YET ANOTHER writing project, this one super short, to do once i flesh one of those ideas out. Well see.

Anyway, theres very little news fit to print other than driving statistics, so Im going to go the hell to sleep. Somebody post something–Im beginning to think you dont love me. Thanks!