Today was a pretty good day in Houston. We ate a lot, looked at motorcycles (man, its like a drug–one is never enough), visited cousin Chris, his wife Angela and their baby, Marley and ate more. intermixed there were some games of network Ghost Recon and Quake2. My laptop performed admirably, getting up to about 20 FPS in quake before just maxing out at about 17 at 800×600. Against Drews 49.9 1200×1600 machine, it was pretty bad, but considering the fact that its a laptop, i was happy. I lost more than I won, but at my age, youve gotta accept your loss of skill at my age. My reflexes arent all they used to be anymore, you know. Im getting old.

Anyway, I have this whole rant in my head about being okay, but its not coming out because im happy to be here in Houston, happy to be hanging out with Drew, happy to be doing christmas stuff online in the mornings before my day starts. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will shop for more presents. I only have a couple more to buy, I think. Thats good. You will, however, get my rant someday–its been brewing for a few days and when im awake enough or bored enough, ill translate it into comprehensible language from the insanity in my head.

but not tonight.

because now i sleep.