So here I sit, typing with numb fingers in the train station in Philadelphia, waiting for a train to come and pick me up and take me to Elwyn. Oh, the pains of not having a willing sibling living within 300 miles on days when the wait is longer than the drive to the station would be.

Anyway, im updating on my lappie because im a huge geek and because I have the ability and the free minutes on the weekends to do exactly this. Its so much fun. Anyway, long car trips would be much eased at their start by less waiting, but in this case, i must suffer.

in mere hours (8 by the time i get to the Elwyn train station, far fewer by the time I sleep), i will be departing for Andrews place in Houston, TX, barely coming in under the wire for getting in my yearly trip. 2002 almost passed trip-less. Gosh. And I have so many dreams. Anyway, I look forward to this one a lot, as it involves some driving, a lot of seeing Drews new place (not so new after all these months, I guess) and new experiences, esp. since i havent ever been to a major city in Texas before. This is something I am happy to remedy. I will eat a huge steak while Im there and report on its hugeness and tastiness. I also have every intention of seeing cousin Chris while im out there, which will be a first in a bunch of years.

The recent snow also gave me the ski-fever, which sucks since i have no money. I do, however, have the ability to earn money, and with a new job (this time for HBO) in the future, things look pretty good. An unemployed fall sucks, but there have been advantages. I finished my script and i can spend a lot of time with Katie and i can even learn about new things (movie budgeting, anyone?). Now, however, im going to quit this ludicrous venture of trying to update from a train platform at 19.2 kbps and put my hands back in my pockets where they belong. And im NOT checking this update for errors–thats too much of a pain in the ass in this weather. Sorry.