Megan wrote in with this update on the story project:

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first off, sorry if this update sounds a little scattered. the editor was a little too diligent in carrying out her social duties at the company christmas party last night.

well lets see.

we sent this thing out monday morning. here we are on friday morning and we already have five sections of story submitted. this is going faster than anticipated, which works out very well in light of our cultural quest for gratification that is as close to instant as possible.

we have about 14 writers lined up, total, but the more we have, the more interesting the story will get. so tell your friends, relatives,
whomever about the project and have them email ###.

oh and, as far as content – up to this point, the experiment is working pretty well. there have been no disastrous complications, and i think you will find the results entertaining. 🙂

as always, direct questions, comments, inquiries to
###. thanks!