This mornings snow reminds me of the first time I had snow when I was living here in Brooklyn. We were moving in. Astro, heavy objects, and large, wet flakes of snow. Yeah, it was great. I bet if you look, you could still find a flake or two of snow around my place that we brought in that day.

The second time, though, was weird because there was this girl (and Becca and Paul and Matt, I think, too) here from Arizona who had never before seen snow. We woke up that morning, looked out the window and there was this ghetto-assed snow out there, wet and gross, not covering everything yet or anything, but she was so excited. I felt bad that we couldnt offer her a better “first snow experience,” but, hey, at least she was here. I wonder if that girl thinks about where she was when she first saw snow. I know where she was, so she should too. But Id guess that she doesnt think about things like that much. I dont even remember her name, but I remember the way she was–her essence or something. Man, was that a weird weekend, or what? I think that was a big nail in the coffin of my friendship with Paul, actually. Unless he wasnt here. I only remember Becca (and Mike, of course) being here because she was so stressed about Culture Club. Poor Becca.

Anyway, its snowing for the first time in a long time and Im happy about it. If my headache would go away, Id be happier. Id also be happier if I cleaned my bathroom and put down a couple of pages about Leilanis grandfather.