recently, Ive been weighed down with the desire to take pictures again and the petulant reticence to do anything about it because I dont want to compromise. I wonder if theres a correlation between this rekindled interest and the fact that Im getting some regularly. I bet there is. I am, after all, an adherant to the “wealth begets wealth” philosophy of life.

Also, Im travelling again this weekend (is anyone shocked?). Ill be in Philly from tomorrow morning roughly through Sunday morning, although I may opt to come back sooner so I can either call for jobs or plan a trip. I have this harebrained scheme to take an inexpensive trip to visit Drew in Houston just before Christmas, but itll require planning and consideration to pull off, so well see what happens. Im thinking about trying to shoot a quick & easy video project while Im home, just to prove to myself that I can still do it. Well see what happens with that. Im not so good at super-short ideas, so thisd be good practice, I guess.

I intend to finish the first chapter of my new story today, and although it lacks a title, I think Ill make it live anyway before I go home so that people can read it at their leisure but i have the whole weekend to change my mind before the Monday AM internet rush happens. The story starts interestingly enough to keep me wanting to write more, so thats good.

Anyway, its time to take care of some of the more mundane tasks involved in living on my own, so Im going to stop this pointless drivel.