Okay, thats a lie. But it IS monday, and I survived this weekend, albeit with a brief brush with death at the hands of Katies parents when they saw her on my bike.

Steves Sunday Spectacular was relatively uneventful, pretty easy, and truncated by the arrival of Katies family, although mercifully so because I was almost more in the way than useful by the time we began to move the camera frantically. I dont even want to think about the bathroom scene. Talk about tight fit. Im looking forward to seeing some of the rough cuts of the movie, though, because for all the problems that I had on a personal level with the fool hired as DP, I love watching pieces come together and I appreciate the difference a light kit can make. For the record, though, using lights without diffusion is not only unprofessional and retarded, but much more problematic when it comes to fixing shadow problems. Also for the record (in case were keeping score or running a lighting seminar), the way to fix a shadow isnt to try repositioning a single fresnel for 15 minutes but to add a fill on the other side, for the love of god.

Ranting aside, I want to shoot my own thing now, though, both because Im so incensed at the work of the wannabe DP this weekend and because it reminded me of how much fun it is to shoot stuff. A lot of work, but damn fun. Somebody give me an idea for a cheap short–all my ideas are too long and tedius to be short flicks.

Now I have a couple of days before I have to go back to Philly (Thanksgiving calls), so Im going to do laundry, vacuum and try to generally get things ready for the Christmas season for the next couple of days as well as leave my house so that Im not appalled when I return. I mean, i have nothing but time, right? I also intend to write a little more in my novel before I release it before Thanksgiving and then Ill figure out the best way to make it available on the site.

this is more than enough for now–time for me to shut up.