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This update is a mess


Beach day today rather than hunting down more work was probably a mistake, but since there are friends in town, it was pretty much unavoidable.

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back with a simple update


I’m doing it again – that thing where I let too much time go by and then I don’t want to post a stupid update because I feel like I owe an explanation…

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So I’ve been on the teleprompter beat all week and it’s been tiring.

Well, the 7am calls have been tiring because I’ve been chasing girls or staying up late inexplicably, but I blame the work.

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Breakfast Blues

Food & Wine

I am not as good at eggs as I should be.eggs I cook them very rarely, and almost never over-medium, the way I like them in the diner.  I think I’m using a pan that’s too small for two eggs, actually, and I think I’m impatient.  If I had a bigger spatula I could probably flip both eggs at once in the small pan, but alas, I do not.
(Time to go to Spatula City!)

I make really good scrambles, of course, but that’s about the ingredients and finding tasty things that taste great together. And an omlette is just a scramble with pretentious aspirations, make no mistake.

At least I’m trying to start the day off right with tea and eggs.

Groin Vaulting in the Cloisters
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At loose ends!


Groin Vaulting in the Cloisters

Groin Vaulting in the Cloisters




These are the ways I’m feeling right now, and that’ just stupid.

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Wine Batch #2

Food & Wine

I bottled my second batch of wine!

It’s another kit wine, this time from “Cru Select.”  It’s a Chilean blend of Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and I call it Chilean Mystery Blend because I don’t know the percentages of each, nor really anything about the grapes’ origins.  On the provided labels, the description says this: “Opening with dark roasted notes of coffee and chocolate with a hint of blackberries, fermentation on Cabernet Merlot Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and French oak completes this monumental taste experience.”

I have more pictures and notes and such after the break, but the takeaway here is that in 10 days or so, I’ll have a new wine in rotation at the Casa Fredonia.

Casey is a Lion
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this old chestnut


I lack the skill as a writer and as a navigator of emotional waters to write a real postmortem on six or so years of my life, but it’d be dishonest and unfair not to mark the fact that our relationship has come to an end.

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I just wrote a whole vaguely-interesting update that I erased by thumb-spazzing and hitting the back button on my mouse by mistake as i grabbed for it like a retarded monkey.

she's looking at you
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Vernal Equinox


she's looking at youThe Vernal Equinox is all about change – specifically the change in seasons, this I know.

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Insomnia, colds and ski prep


I skipped Pi Day because I had another “wake at 330am for no fucking reason” day yesterday, and was so tired all day that I couldn’t focus on anything other than the crap I had to do.

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Well, hey, 4am!


It’s nice to see you from this side!

Usually if I see 4am it’s a decadent night of drinking or whatever, but today it was because I woke up at 330 and couldn’t get back to sleep for some reason.

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I racked my wine yesterday

Food & Wine

I don’t have any pictures yet, but I racked.  In less than 2 weeks, we’ll have bottled wine, which is exciting.  If I ever get paid again, I’ll be buying a new thing of juice and starting another batch.  Pictures and details will eventually make their way onto the forum, of course, but I’m just excited about the fact that more wine is about to make its way into my coffers.

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This was supposed to be steak week!


Well, not really, but that was one of the plans that fell through this weekend.

BootieLA was fun, though, and although I haven’t been in months, I fell right back into the tasty routine of dancing and being generally irresponsible.

the happy cast
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Brownie Project 7 – The Sleeping Bag Swindle


I also learned about YouTube’s current uploading system since I haven’t uploaded anything to YouTube in a very long time. It errored out the first two times I tried uploading the video, but the third time was a charm. Easy.

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Backing Up a WHS images


WHSWith the decommissioning of my old computer, I really took notice for the first time of a strange limitation in WHS – there’s no way to export an image of one of your computer’s backups to a compressed folder.

I’m officially retiring Tombstone, as you already know, and I’ll want to remove it from the “Computers & Backup” tab in the not-too-distant future because I’m a neat freak and because I hate having yellow things in my Home Network Status screen, even if I can check “ignore this issue” to get my thing back to green.

So, with some google-fu and a lot of time, I managed to mount, export and compress Tombstone’s final backup, which now sits on my desktop as a 275GB .wim file.

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SOPA & PIPA for the record


I am opposed to SOPA & PIPA.

I recognize that the government has outsourced the writing of laws to the highest bidder, and I recognize that music and movie execs are a bunch of half-human oafs with their heads too far up their collective asses for them to be scientifically still alive (a medical miracle!), but I still believe that an outcry from regular people can make a difference.

Every sentient American opposes these two bills.  Every one.

From the oft-brilliant Oatmeal:

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Speed Test TWC


I’m looking into leaving Time Warner for our Cable internet, and decided to check on my speeds over at speedtest.net. Turns out not to have sucked too much, really.  Faster than 72% of the US using “Road Runner Turbo” is okay.  I’d like to be in the 90th percentile, though.