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The Resurrection of the Blog


I’ve been recovering from the collapse of my biggest, most important and, honestly, cherished accounts – MWS has, after a decade of ups and downs, moved on without me as their IT lead.

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Okay, so Google has a lot of services and I’m using Google for a lot of my domains.

Where we were headed
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Mt Whitney Pics

Where we were headed

Where we were headed

So Mt. Whitney wasn’t a vacation, per se, but I don”t have an “Outdoor Torture” category, so for lack of a better place to put it, some notes on my hike go here.

I’m not sure where to start, really.

campsite by the river

campsite by the river

We arrived Monday at around midday for our Wednesday hike (Drew had somehow gotten tickets for Papa’s birthday on the 25th, which is supposed to be impossible, given that they issue ~150 passes/day for the mountain, which always sell out almost immediately) and got a great campsite.

like many of these posts of this era, something clearly got lost in translation.  In this case, I’ve found pictures, but lost the rest of what the post was supposed to be, and even the various SQL dumps can’t be made to cough up posts they don’t have.  Pics after the fold.
(…MO 2016_0803)
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July was a busy month!


I keep thinking about all the shit I have to write about and then never writing about it.  Go figure. Last month was really busy, actually, and there are all sorts of things I want to mention, but in true Clapboard fashion, I’ll do it in a list.

In July, I…

  • Travelled
    • Charleston, WV
    • Quebec City, QB
    • Atlanta, GA
    • the Sierras in CA
    • Las Vegas, NV
  • Hiked Mt. Whitney
  • Visited the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere
  • Ripped tons of old video to the computer (I’m still going through it all)
  • Prepped a Brownie Project (that I shot yesterday)
  • Went to mid-month Bootie

Maybe that’s not so much, but it certainly took up all my time.  And it’s already August.  At least I’ve started it on an up note with a Brownie Project on the second day of the month and a tentative BRANDED shoot for Saturday afternoon.  I also made some breakthroughs on the 3D Printer on Emily’s birthday, so August is starting off REALLY well.

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I owe some updates


There is a lot of updating to do, as since my last update, I climbed Mt Whitney and spent a couple days in Vegas.  I’ve got pictures and a bit of video that I may edit together.  I’ve got a shoot for The Brownie Project on Thursday, too, which is looking fun.  Anyway, maybe in the morning I’ll upload some pix of the climb, which seems a lot less hardcore since I’m watching Discovery’s Everest right now.

Anyway, happy Tuesday night.

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Good morning from Atlanta!


Today promises to be hot and humid, muggy and all-around July-in-Georgia weather. Scattered thunderstorms? Yeah. Humidity in the low 90’s? Yeah. I know nothing about our show except that it’s outdoors.

Anyway, yesterday I learned two things about video on the Kindle Fire. First, it’s way easier to put video on a Fire than on an iPad (shocker, right?). Rad. Second, the Kindle Fire doesn’t see .mp4 video when you boot it up into your browser. Weak. I was all set to finally catch the last Harry Potter movies on the flight yesterday, and, well, poof.

Show day today, travel day tomorrow. Back in LA in time for Bootie Beach Party and then Sunday the crazy run-up to hiking Mt. Whitney begins. Drew comes into town Sunday, and in advance of our departure Monday morning, I’ve gotta pick up some last-minute hiking shit and make my kickass trail mix. Might try to get a run in between now and then, too. We’ll see.

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video editing


I’ve been in a weird mood to edit shit over the last couple of weeks, so much so that I find myself actually looking for ways to re-import some of my old miniDV tapes.

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Good Morning!


Whats up?

thought I was killing my blog like that guy from Wired blogged that I should do?


Im just not updating very often, you see. Its much better that way. Then you always *think* its dead without actually having to go to a funeral. Besides, we have the rest of KKs list to get through. Ill at least wait for that – I have to have something to listen to, right?

Weekend. Eagles won. Michigan lost. No trips, not too much money spent (go me!). Football this afternoon too. Zach and Miri was fine. Uninspired, and probably better had it been a drama (I didnt think of that, but the guy who did was right), but nice to see a Kevin Smith movie that doesnt involve the Jersey Trilogy.

Time to take my over-punctuating ass to work now. Gotta make the money – credits no good.

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Workin for a Livin’


This week has just flown right by with nothing really of note to mention, it seems.

Ive been good about getting work done – after a couple of conversations with Shady K about re-dedicating ourselves to what we do, I haven’t really gone as far as I could, but I did manage to get real amounts of computer work done. I also started a new thing yesterday working for Neil Diamond, but thats weirdly temporary.

Ive done some organizing and catching up, and am pretty ready for the weekend, actually. Id like to get some editing done and maybe a script outline typed up, too. Well see how the weekend goes. Since UMBC lost at Basketball today (boo!), there arent any teams I could care about in the NCAA thing, so maybe Ill be working more this weekend than Id initially thought.

Anyway, I bet youre all just as ready for the weekend as I am, so Ill quit. Happy Good Friday everyone.

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hosting fail!



I had another post here about how the site was all-new, but then my hosts had a RAID failure on the MySQL server that held all of my DB info and they lost about 48 hours of Clapboard content.

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NR Modelling


Cool 1-minute video of a hot girl in a bikini after the break. Clapboard needs more of this, and no mistake.

Thanks to NR for shooting with me again and to Pris for finding the music.  I want to do more of these, not only on the beach (although I do want that), but in the studio, on a mountain, wherever.

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Shooter McGee


iwasbranded.comI’m going to try to go down to the beach on the 4th to take pics of girls with lower-back tattoos, too.

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I’m alive!



Nothing much has happened in the last 3 weeks, or else nothing that I want to write about.

last bonfire
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Final Fire


Bonfires in Glen Mills weren’t special occasions by design, they were mostly just times that Dad said “hey, we’ve got a lot of crap to burn” and I said “I want to burn it – don’t start the fire so early!” and he let me.

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This update is a mess


Beach day today rather than hunting down more work was probably a mistake, but since there are friends in town, it was pretty much unavoidable.

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back with a simple update


I’m doing it again – that thing where I let too much time go by and then I don’t want to post a stupid update because I feel like I owe an explanation…

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So I’ve been on the teleprompter beat all week and it’s been tiring.

Well, the 7am calls have been tiring because I’ve been chasing girls or staying up late inexplicably, but I blame the work.