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Weekend Update


Redundant Post Title & Post Topic? Check!

BootieLAs second anniversary was a fun time and our BBQ was a resounding success, I think. Opinions have yet to pour in, but with the amount of food we served, it couldnt have been much but a success.

Probably San Diego tomorrow, and maybe the beach sometime this week (I havent been in a LONG time now). Maybe twice this week. Also, tons of web work – ShoeHardware is up and running and selling shoelaces like hotcakes, so thatll keep me busy for awhile. There are lots of little problems and issues that Im fixing, although the site seems to be doing the job of taking orders and getting them delivered without a hitch. Otherwise, I have a zillion projects to complete. A zillion.

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Home! Home!


Its suddenly been a long time since Ive updated again. Why? I dunno. New York, I guess. I worked a lot. Saw TRANSFORMERS. Loved it. What else? Put pictures up on Picasa (click here). Wandered around Manhattan with CJ. Stayed with Katie, Andy & Amy. Went out late on Tuesday night. Had an all-around good time.

Yesterday, did a lot of cleanup and organizing, then replaced the AIO at Winston’s (I’m so hip!). That place is getting quite the staff. Then CJ & I went to see RATATOUILLE. Cute – decent characterization, and great digital vistas of a Paris of Yore. Now Im working on the homepage for ShoeHardware. Its going live today or this weekend – go buy stuff!

I love my new AIO, btw. I’m now a scanning/copying/printing MAVEN. I don’t fax, though. A boy must have principles.

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Happy Birthday Grandma O!


90 years old today! Happy Birthday!

Im looking forward to our brunch – so many people are coming, its almost absurd. Im going to try to take a lot of pictures and see everyone, despite the lack of time. Its not every day that someone you love turns 90, so were going to celebrate.

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Glen Mills


Glen Mills!

Harrowing as it may have been, we made it here late last night. The story went as follows:

  • 5:45 landing at JFK
  • expensive cab ride with a chatty cabbie who loved PATTON and WW2. Misplaced daddy worship? Yes!
  • breakfast at the Moonstruck diner. Is that like the TV show?
  • Work from 9 – 1 with MWS (and CJ!) that included running cable and getting supplies
  • Lunch with MT & RF (RF being a college friend of CJs)
  • DIE HARD 4 at 34th Street – awesome
  • Grabbed our stuff from MWS and got a 6:30 train outta Penn Station
  • Picked up in Media at 11 after 3 trains and a bunch of phone calls to alternate options by KF, who is this trips personal Jesus
  • sleep
  • wake to the every-half-hour calls from an IRA meeting scheduler
  • update clapboard

So thats my up-to-the-minute situation. Keep close – more is coming.

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East Coast Bound


Tonight, Im off to New York red-eye style. Were off to New York, in fact, and, with all thats on the menu, its going to be a busy trip, to say the least. The agenda looks sort of like this:

  • Thursday: NYC.

    Some MWS, some searching out tasty food. Train to Media in the evening. Anyone know a good cab company in Media? Hell, anyone know ANY cab company in Media?

  • Friday – Sunday: Hometown Pride

    Grandma O turns 90 on Saturday, so weve got a lunch in her honor. We may go see the Philly Zoo (in keeping with our Zoo-Craziness Campaign) on Friday or we may be too busy working on the house and yard. Well see.

  • Monday – Wednesday: NYC again

    Ive got to work on Monday & Tuesday and we leave on Wednesday, but were going to try to squeeze in some Transformers, some bar hopping, some sight seeing and some good eating. Im also going to get some Dunkin Donuts.

So… Thats the plan, in case anyones interested in meeting up while were back east. Even though mostly my time is planned for me, I want to make sure to make the best use of my time as possible. Call me or e-mail me if you wanna try to get together and well make something happen.

In the meanwhile, I have to pack and work and clean. Cant come home to a house and home as messy as the one in which Im currently living. My attention to detail has really fallen by the wayside recently. Crazy anal-retentive cleanliness gene… failing… discomfort… growing……..

Happy Wednesday.

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Monday Movie Reviews!


Hot off the presses, heres a pair of movie reviews from tonights Monday night movie – ONCE. John Carney (“circus folk – small hands”) directed this flick from the Emerald Isle that we saw at the Arclight. Heres a pair of reviews from me and Casey, to give you an idea, either of the movie or of our differing movie tastes.

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So Im looking into setting up a super-simple phone system, and Im wondering why I cant manage to find even the most basic list of what Im going to need. Theres no mention of hardware that seems completely obvious to me, and I dont understand what that hardware is, exactly, without someone saying “you need a BLAH to get connected to your major telco.” Also, I dont know what SIP is.

Looks like Im playing outside my field on this one. What else is new?

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Safari for Windows sucks!


Just thought Id mention that because I tried to install the updated Beta for Safari for Windows and it blew chunks. The install locked up my system the first time, then the second, it went smoothly, but when the promised-browser opened, there were no menu bar items (although the places they should have been highlighted when I zoomed over them with my mouse) and the address bar wouldnt take any addresses.

Ill try one more time today (Ill restart first and have nothing open, just to give Apple a fighting chance), but Im not optimistic for the worlds most stable operating system at the moment.

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Two days gone!


Where does the time go? I can tell you where it went today – Ive been feeling under the weather (a four-hour allergy attack? Youve gotta be kidding me!), so Ive been operating at half speed all day long. I did work my tail off today, though, so thats good, even if it was probably not what I needed to make myself feel better.

Before you get to feeling too badly for me, though, let me report with some joy that I did make ten jars of jam yesterday, some with the help of miss CJ. I think I have a little more in me, in fact, so Im plotting to bang out yet another jar or two on the morrow. I already have an offer on the table for $1000 for a single jar (albeit from my sister, one of the few who know just how good this jam can be), so start the bidding where you will – I will only part with my jam for a dear sum.

Happy Wednesday – Im off to render some more video. It takes a long time, and I want to have all the rough cuts in place for my trip to New York. Anyone want to do music for me? Or at least supervise its production? How about digital spider effects?

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still alive


I cant believe a week has gone by – I feel like nothings happened, but that cant be true. This is an update to break me out of the habit of not updating, and to make it seem less intimidating to update when I actually have something to say. Im trying to be efficient again, but I have things to fix and stuff to do.

More later. WAITRESS tonight. OCEANS THIRTEEN was pretty good, if a little disjointed.

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is it Monday already?


I feel a little like my weekend started on Thursday, since I eventually left for San Diego and crawled through traffic that afternoon. Friday was a movie day for me, waiting for Cathryn to finish her business before heading back up here for the “real” weekend. I ended up getting back far too late to go to the once-vaunted Spider Club, and opted instead to go to bed.

Saturday was a do-nothing day – I caught up on work and on some e-mails, but mostly it was laundry and wishing that my computer crashed less. Then, Saturday night was BootieLA. Its at a new location, but it was a great one, and a great party to boot. Next month is the 2-year anniversary, so that should be fun, too.

Yesterday I struggled out of bed after a mere 4 hours of sleep to go with CJ to get some shoes for work, then got home and immediately went down to Venice to go surfing. My first surfing experience basically ever was marred by a terrible calf cramp (I only seem to get them in the water – why is that?) and terrible weather (60, cloudy and windy as hell), but overall, it was still a very very fun experience. I even managed to get up on my board some.

Last night, Pris finally got home so she and I went out for a drink to celebrate her return from Barcelona and her birthday (albeit a day late) and then a collapsed into bed. five hours later, here I am. It was a long day yesterday.

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early termination


Sprint has generally been good to me as far as customer service goes, but because I missed the 30-day cancellation on the mobile broadband thing, Im SOL (as they say) and have to pay the $200 early termination fee. As it stands, thats cheaper than 3 months of service, so Im coming out ahead by the end of the summer (when Id be using the card very little if at all).

Technology often gets the best of me, if I do say so myself.

Anyone want to help me build a better NAS box for my house? Im currently running a full WinXP machine, but I feel like I might be better off running something else, and maybe some dedicated hardware would do the trick. Now, if only I had time to set something up, and test it. Geh.


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Weekend Update + Quick Movie Reviews


The weekend slid by fast. Katie, Andy and Amy came for Saturday, which turned into Saturday afternoon after airport snafus, and then Saturday night at the Dime. It was a good time, although the New Yorkers were tired. My car battery died on Sunday, necessitating a bunch of research into the best way to acquire a new one, a task which has yet to be completed because it seems that car batteries are $75. Weak.

PIRATES 3 was decent – I feel like it was as good as it could have been, given the insane situations set up by the second one. The various pirates were full-fledged witches now, too, which was totally lame, and when Jack Sparrow was in Davey Jones Locker, it was more like THE CELL than the watery grave that any sane person would imagine. There was some swordplay, but maybe not enough, but Jacks flying around using the ropes was pretty cool to watch. All-in-all, flawed, but LOADS less shitty than SPIDER-MAN 3, so that was good.

Casey & I also caught THE TV SET in the first of what Im going to try to make a weekly Monday night movie thing. It was decent, if meandering, and well-acted all around. I found it hard to sympathize with the main character, for whose “problems” I would gladly give a hearty sum. I also didnt care about the cliche “you work too much” homelife troubles of the British executive, especially because they added up to nothing at the end of the flick.

Come to next weeks movie night – if youre interested, Ill send you an e-mail about what well be seeing. I have no idea what itll be yet, but suggestions are always welcome.

Happy Tuesday!

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Birthdays of note


First of all, I never wished Andrew a happy birthday here on Clapboard. The guy turns 27 only one time and his doltish brother cant even get to a computer to write a happy birthday message from somewhere in Ohio. Pretty weak brother. Sorry Drew. Ill have to write you two next year. If my memory hasnt failed me entirely by then because Im so old.

Also, yesterday was the 30th birthday of Star Wars. Did I do anything for it? Nope. Today, Ill put the original trilogy on in the background while I work to make up for it. I like those movies, especially the first one. I did see a guy walking down Sunset Blvd yesterday dressed as Tatooine Luke.

Today is John Waynes 100th birthday, also. 100? If he wasnt dead, hed be pretty old. As it stands, though, it seems like maybe today is just a good day for Iowa to get some free publicity.

Happy Saturday, everyone. Katie, Amy and Andy are coming in a few hours, so I need to be getting some work done before that. Off I go. But first Ill go grab Star Wars.

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Pirates tonight!


At Worlds End… or just at 12:30am, which was the first un-sold out time that we could make, what with the busy schedule of PA work of Casey and all. Its going to require a nap beforehand to make it through (considering how tired I was last night at 10pm, Im probably going to suffer a bit for this one), but Im psyched for 2 hours and 45 minutes of nonsensical battling.

Im also resigned to swimming home in a river of drool, but thats a different story.

So tell me what you think of it, gentle readers, and Ill do the same. It cant be worse than Spider-Man 3, which was as appealing as technicolor vomit, both in style and in substance. Maybe theyll even make this one good enough to make up for PIRATES 2s near-disaster. Only maybe, but still.

Shiver me timbers, mateys! Shiver em right quick! Aarrrrrrr!

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Trip pictures

Us with a Buf

Us with a Buf

Slow on the uptake, that’s me! (I’ve been working – leave me alone!)

Click here to see the album or else click “Photos” on the left and browse to “Cross Country 2007” towards the bottom to see all the albums in the process.

There are 98 pictures from the trip that I put up there (of the 450 that we originally snapped), so you get a pretty solid representative sample of the trip. You have to be logged in to see the albums, but I guess most of yall are logged in anyway when you come by, so that shouldn’t be an issue. There’s also a companion Picasa album, which I’ll be sending out to the non-clapboard readers. But y’all get it first.

Let me know what you think!

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Testing Picassa


Spring 2007 – DC & Baltimore

Im not sure that this will supplant this site directly for picture uploads, but I like how easy it is to upload pictures and stuff.

Ill probably put some more stuff up this week and maybe Ill put the Yellowstone pics both here and there in the next couple of days. You know, if theres a module for putting a random photo up like I already have, I could move everything to there and use Googles bandwidth rather than my own…. Hmm.

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One of these days, Ill update for real.

In the meantime, Ill mention that were completely unpacked, all laundry is washed (some is drying and very little is put away), and Ive moved my pics from my camera to my computer. Now I have to organize them and post some online.

In the meanwhile, Ill be catching up on some work (I have a lot of that to do), opening all the bills that I got sent (yay!) and maybe watching some Animaniacs. I hear its a funny show. I need more 2-disc holders for my DVD cases. Maybe I can buy them seperately. Speaking of that, my remote got broken while I was gone, so I have to buy a new one, despite the fact that it works mostly. Ghetto.

BTW, anyone have any experience with Picassa? Ive been asked to download and use it for the Becca and Dave wedding pics, but Im ignorant. Ill post a link when I can.

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Landed safely!


Despite the fact that we drove, I wanted to post and mention that Im home. Awesome trip. Fantastic. 449 pictures to go through and decide which 100 or so to print and post.

Ill post more later – Im helping Casey unpack. Or hindering. Depending on your point of view.

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Long overdue update


Ive been away for a long time already!

Wedding, DC/Baltimore, Glen Mills and momentarily, Im off to Ohio!

I got to see Meg & Ket, Kurt, Scott & Sharon, Becca & Dave (obviously), Mike & Heather, Paul & Alyssa, Matt, Steve and Jim & Kat and maybe people Im forgetting because Im exhausted.

Ive been doing yardwork and such for my mom while Ive been in Glen Mills and otherwise hiding in the house reading and organizing old stuff that I didnt know I had. I wish I was faster at scanning things, because Id totally do an embarass-matt website where I put the worst of my high school poetry online, complete with doodles and nonsense.

Anyway, Ive gotta go to bed now because Im getting up at 4:45 am to shower and catch a plane. Lovely, right? Anyway, pictures will be coming forthwith, this much I promise, even if it IS a few days down the road.

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The last couple days, Ive been hanging out with Meg & Ket and wandering around the greater Silver Spring area. I got Dunkin Donuts this morning, and Im now sitting in a soft chair that is located geographically almost exactly where I used to play club volleyball during my time here at UMBC. I found a good deal on a sweatshirt, but Im still rocking the old one, because hell, its probably 10 years old.

Today its work and then hanging out with Krol, which is very exciting, and then Im hoping that we can meet up with Scott and Sharon for an evening of fun and excitement old-school style. Maybe Sharon will initiate Naked Hour like she always used to. Well see.

Ill post pictures next time. Next time, gadget… next time.

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Good Morning from LAX


Three hours of sleep later, here I sit, in LAX, playing on my new Sprint Mobile Broadband card.

W00t. Nerdy!

Im going to check flights fo rmy Grandmothers 90th birthday, respond to CI-related e-mails and start searching for the latest version of Remote Desktop without having to run the WGA nagware on my computer. Im very against WGA nagware, despite the fact that my version of XP is legal on this computer (I think).

In a few hours Ill be in Baltimore/DC and the fun will begin! Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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down to the wire


This post could have been called “miles to go before I sleep” or “pointless rambling #3,257”.


The weekend was uneventful, although I did edit and get a little work done. I also watched a little bit of Planet Earth on Saturday, which was beautiful but edited so amazingly poorly that Im soured on watching it again, actually. I also went over to Universal for a couple of freezing hours with LS yesterday and spent last night editing the project until it was time to go to bed. Ive done a lot of editing in the last few days.

Ive gotta go grab a quick shower right now and then go register my car (something that Im only six months overdue on), then Ive gotta come back here, get some real work done and start packing/organizing my stuff for my three-pronged trip. Not to say that Im going to be gone forever, but it certainly seems like it. Baltimore, Philly and then a little cross-country jaunt? Thats me to a T. Ill have to post pictures from the road.

The rough cut of Choice Investigations should be complete tonight, but of course, the “rough cut” is actually going to consist of five or six unattached segments of video. Someday Id love to be able to stitch them all together…. Oh what a dreamer, me.

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Drinkin beer and Editin video


I wish I could share with you, but now aint the time.

In the meanwhile, Choice Investigations grows bit by bit and Im re-uploading the old video to the site. I dont know why it didnt make it on here, but Im fixing that now.

Happy Friday night.