So a little while ago, my “M” key just quit working. A restart got it fixed, but really. The “M” key? Thats just wrong.

What else?

I’ve managed not to snack at all this week thus far (what is it, Wednesday already?), and its good. Ive actually had hunger pangs that I think were just my body complaining that I wasnt stuffing it full of junk at all hours of the day, so I ignored them. Three squares for this guy, at least for awhile.

Snacking is for the weak!

Oh, I have a confession: Ive now played World of Warcraft. Mostly, its to test out my new system and see how pretty it can look, but its a little fun, too. Thus far, though, it hasnt really impressed me, so when I get my XBox back, Ill go back to playing stuff on that. Esp. now that the new dashboard comes with HD-streaming. And my XBox360 RROD Dates are as follows:

  • 10/20: RROD, get UPS label
  • 10/23: Hand Box to UPS Driver
  • 10/28: email notice that the package was delivered in TX

And thats where we are, XBox-style. Oh, and also (jumping topics like a CHAMP, I tell you!), maybe some of my older readers can tell me if I ever signed up for WoW before, btw. I tried to sign up as Flicman and it was already taken. Was there WoW in college? I know there was regular Warcraft, but WoW? It was vexing.

Anyway, Im off to do some actual writing. Hard to do from here, but Ill give it a shot. Happy Wednesday.