so Ive been working on this new site, but I had to take it all down and restart the products for some dubious changes. Ah well. Im annoyed, and less and less sure that Ill ever make any money on this venture. Well see what happens.

Also, Windows Vista still sucks. I just bought a new laptop for Winstons and had to get Vista, and was reassured that even on a Core2 Duo (1.5GHz x2) machine with 2gb of RAM, the thing is a pig and moves slower than molasses in January. So dont get Vista and then ask me to troubleshoot it. Please.


Finally, I want an Xbox360 and a MacMini, both as toys. I will not be getting either, as the Mini is now way too expensive and the 65nm version of the XBox is supposed to be on its way. Maybe well get a pre-christmas price-drop on the 360?