Theres an awesome trend out there online of people who dont like something they see bringing a ton of attention on themselves by making a huge, inappropriate stink so everyone notices.

This girls youth pastor snapped this picture, put it on Flickr, and hosted it using a Creative Commons Attribution license. The license basically states that you can use this image in any way, for any reason, but you have to print the attribution line with it. Fine.

So 3 months ago, Virgin Mobile Australia did an ad campaign and one of their posters used this picture. Apparently, someone didnt like it, because now theyre suing (ready?) Creative Commons, Virgin Mobile Australia and Virgin Mobile USA. Virgin Mobile USA? Can you say “unrelated company”? And the Creative Commons non-profit? For what, providing a license that plenty of people use happily? I bet this girls lawyer kicks puppies, too, since he seems to think its fine to waste the legal resources of un-related NPOs.

If only I could sue these people for wasting my bandwidth on this nonsense. If youre interested, theres a Techdirt article about this whole thing. My god. Between this and the handwritten lawsuit against Google from yesterday, Ive been replete with awesome reasons to hate our legal system recently.

I hope the weekend rules, and I look forward to the Eagles third game, when they face the inexplicable Detroit Lions and no doubt play like fools. I also look forward to having the new website done and to squeezing some fun in there.