view from the LIE

view from the LIESo Im back from New York already.

The quick trips are tough, but somehow being away is also tough. I pretty much just worked and worked, although I did get time to meet little Julia Hammonds, have a couple of meals with Mike and Heather and go to a couple of bars with EC and then DB. Fun! I bet ill even be back there sometime soon – that tends to happen.

Now Im back to the grindstone – time to get my ass in gear. I have a worklist, which is good, and Im going to be making headway on some other stuff as well. Im tired, so there will be an early bedtime in my future, I think, but thats okay – therell still be time to get a few things done. Im going to start with some of this huge list that I have from MWS and go from there. You can bet that my network will get some attention, too.