So this week is mostly gone already!

Ive spent it working, reading, working on computers and trying to stay cool. Staying cool was only accomplished with the help of the houses A/C. Id step outside to read and in 20 minutes was miserably hot – sweating to the point of absurdity.

Im prepping to head to NYC tonight – finishing up some network testing of equipment that Im hoping to implement while Im there. Im upgrading parts of my home network to gigabit finally, and discovering all sorts of interesting things that are really only interesting to me, such as the fact that the 10/100 card in my “fileserver” box is somehow 75% used at 9.304 MB/s. The Gig-E card in my workstation says 7%, which is much more like what it should be (given that 9.3 is 9.3% of 1000, and I think were working with a “real” GB at 1024MB…). So now, just for gits and shiggles, Im going to add an different 10/100 card to the fileserver to see what happens. Anyone with some insight here is welcomed (nay, encouraged) to comment either here or on the forum.

Also, anyone knowing how to install OSX Tiger on a Rev. D iMac (Blueberry, 333MHz tray-loader) should step forward and help my ass out.

Oh, and Ive been TERRIBLE about going to the gym. Ill be better next week.