Since I was so far behind on Facebook (but have finally joined…), I dont want to be out of the loop with Joost, too. Not that Im gambling that itll be the Next Big Thing or anything, but it might, and since I cant just join up, I figure Id try to get an invite.

Harry Potter comes out today! Well, technically tomorrow, but still. Ive gotta start dealing with the lines and people and crowds at 9am, so thatll be fun. Then tonight at midnight is the actual pick-up, so its sort of an all-day HP fest.

Also today is Matts post-guest fast. I ate so much in the last 2 days that I feel like I should fast for at least a few consecutive hours to make up for the consecutive hours of eating I accomplished. But it was tasty. And also fun to be the fat guy at the beach. Im still not tan.

I thank you in advance for your Joost invite, should you have one.