Since my last update, I dont feel like much has happened, but that feeling isnt wholly true.

Take yesterday as an example. My mom came to visit! So instead of nothing happening, I was actually too busy to update. And the day before that, I worked feverishly on ElPunal – soon to be a tee shirt website.

I havent done much when it comes to web work this week, but Ill be getting back to it in the next couple of days. Im building my list of things Ive gotta do, anyway. With more and more sites under my sway, the list grows easily and like a weed.

Other big news from the week – Scott & Sharon are coming to visit! Towards the beginning of August, Mr. & Mrs. Vail will be out California way. I should already be making plans, because I know how disappointed Scott is going to be if we dont see and do everything there is to see and do.

Since Drew updated his blog, I feel the insane tug of nerdiness even more than usual, and knew that the only way to be comfortable again was to update Clapboard with even a short missive.

Today, we go to the beach.