Glen Mills!

Harrowing as it may have been, we made it here late last night. The story went as follows:

  • 5:45 landing at JFK
  • expensive cab ride with a chatty cabbie who loved PATTON and WW2. Misplaced daddy worship? Yes!
  • breakfast at the Moonstruck diner. Is that like the TV show?
  • Work from 9 – 1 with MWS (and CJ!) that included running cable and getting supplies
  • Lunch with MT & RF (RF being a college friend of CJs)
  • DIE HARD 4 at 34th Street – awesome
  • Grabbed our stuff from MWS and got a 6:30 train outta Penn Station
  • Picked up in Media at 11 after 3 trains and a bunch of phone calls to alternate options by KF, who is this trips personal Jesus
  • sleep
  • wake to the every-half-hour calls from an IRA meeting scheduler
  • update clapboard

So thats my up-to-the-minute situation. Keep close – more is coming.