One of the best things about New York is the new and exotic kinds of Arizona you can buy in $0.99 cans. So far, besides my favorite (and old standby) Peach flavor, Ive also tried “Black & White” and “Geirgia Peach.” The B&W tea was like half-sweetness southern-style sweet tea, and it was fine, but I doubt Id buy it again and the Georia Peach variety that Im drinking now is harmless in a dry sort of way. Its one of those Green Tea mixes that they make, but isnt nearly as good as the pomegranite that comes in the bottle. I wonder if the bottled teas are the ones that sell particularly well as cans. I also wonder why the price disparity is so great between the two tea delivery methods. Is glass really that much more expensive? Does it have a “higher class” perception in the marketplace? Is it a better method to make the un-finished tea non-disposable in a way that the can fails to achieve? Maybe since youre unable to reclose the can, youre paying less in order to subsidize the millions of ounces of tea that go to waste each year. Is there anyone who cant drink 23.5 ounces of Arizona but decides to buy the can anyway?

Im overthinking this, I know. Grossly. Its kinda fun.

New York has been good – Bootie was awesome and last night was a Bay Ridge pub tour that landed us a few new places. Well, two, at least. Ive been tired for very good reasons this weekend. Ive promised myself Ill sleep in tomorrow.